Healing Jewelry

The Story

As a little girl, I was so in love with stones and crystals that I collected them. Growing up, I learned about their healing properties and how to work with them. One day,  I infused a crystal with healing energy and then encoded it with Light Language. It was my very first time doing this. While speaking Light Language, I felt a connection to a being from another dimension. She was a blue being and she was doing the exact same thing. I realized she was me and that’s why I was so guided to do this. I had the knowledge from her. And I knew deep inside my heart that this is a service that I should offer.

The process & how it works

As soon as I receive the crystals, I clear and cleanse them. Until you pick one, they are being taken care of with the utmost love and respect. The moment you purchase a crystal, I start working with it for you. I clear and cleanse it. Then, I infuse your crystal with healing energy and encode it with your personal light codes. By wearing or holding the crystal close to you, you benefit from its own healing properties and the healing properties of the energy. The light codes encoded in your crystal will work on you and activate what needs to be activated.

All the extras that come with your Crystal:
  • A short message from your higher self or your spiritual team. (sent by email)
  • The audio file of the Light Language transmission channeled to encode your crystal. You can listen to it whenever you want and benefit from its healing properties in a more direct way. (sent by email)
  • A guidebook of the properties of your crystal and how to care for it. (sent by email)
  • A personalised and handwritten message from me to you.
  • Free international shipping on all orders. Registered, insured and with tracking. (only partial tracking available for some countries.