My name is Monika and I’ve been on this spiritual journey since I was born. Early on, I realized that I was more than just a body. I was more than just my identity. I had a soul and I could see beyond my 3D eyes. I could also feel beyond touch. And I could hear beyond my ears.

I am an Intuitive, a Channeler, a Clair, an Ascension Sister, a Child from the Stars. I speak Light Language and I do Energy Healing work. I am a part of Source just like you. You too have wonderful abilities, if you’re not aware of them just yet.

What led me to the healing path?

A lot of physical pains. A lot of traumas, conscious and unconscious. I suffered from heavy stress, anxiety, panic attacks. I had a huge fear program. I had phobias. Yet, I was able to hide it to everybody else. I pretended I was fine, tough and full of life which a part of me was but the other part was dying inside. I was feeling stuck in my life, blocked. Not to mention, I was a real sponge when it came to other people’s bad energy.

In 2010, I started seeking help from an “energy healer” because the usual therapies just didn’t work. I’ve worked with a few others since then and I could never be thankful enough to them for what they’ve done for me. Even though I believe that people heal themselves, we are still in a phase when we need to be activated by others. The tools they provided me helped me be more aligned with myself and reach my own mastery and sovereignty.

In 2017, my life started making sense to me. Little by little I found the answers I had been looking for my whole life. I knew why I was on this planet and why I always had this feeling of not belonging here. I understood why I had so many weird symptoms that even doctors couldn’t explain. Starseeds, Ascension… it all made sense to me.

I believe healing is an ongoing journey. We have so many things to heal from and from so many lifetimes. Programming, limiting beliefs, karma, celullar memory, transgeneration memory, traumas,…

My soul mission is to help you be your true self and reach your highest potential. But know that the magic is already within you.

Love much,