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The importance of energy cleansing in your home and at work

Everything is energy. The Earth, the cosmos. Your being, your thoughts, your actions. The places you go to. The place you live in. Energy is present everywhere, good or bad, it is there. It interacts with you whether you are aware of it or not.

Places are full of energy. Places have a memory.

Do you remember the big fight you had with your partner in the living room a month ago? Do you remember the anger or sadness you felt at that time? You have created an energy, which, if not cleansed, is certainly still in your living space. The same applies to everything that happened before you started living here, with the former occupants and those before and before.

Every emotion, whether positive or negative, leaves a mark. Most people do not feel this but as the years go by and energies accumulate, it can lead to physical problems or even serious illnesses. Here, I am only talking about the so-called negative energies, i.e. the low frequency energies. Emotions of joy and happiness, accumulate them! Enjoy yourself! You will live long and in abundance.

But at the moment, who can claim to live only in joy and happiness? Negative emotions are present in everyone. Myself, after all these years on this spiritual path, I still have negative emotions sometimes. But, I accept the emotion, I understand it and I transmute it.

These negative energies whether they were created by you or by someone else must be cleansed. Imagine if each person cleansed their home, it would make a lot of low frequency energies that would no longer be present on Earth! Now imagine if each person did a daily energy cleansing on their own being in addition to cleansing the house! There would be a huge improvement in everyone’s well-being. And just with that, I think we could change the world because change comes from within. No one will come to save you. Only you can do this.

The same is true for workplaces. They also have memories, stagnant energies. Imagine a department store full of people and everyone has a negative thought. These negative thoughts, which are energy, will have an impact on the place. Imagine 1000 or even 10,000 people creating just one negative thought!

My goal is not to frighten you, quite the contrary. I am talking to you about a real fact that I have observed and experienced (and many other energy-sensitive people) and I am also telling you that it is possible to clean all this up. Sometimes it takes only a few things and sometimes we have to go deeper in the cleansing.

Do you feel any dense energies in your home? Do you feel oppressed? Are you sleeping badly? Are you easily anxious and/or stressed? Do you feel emotions (sadness, anger,…) that do not belong to you?

Do you have children who often have nightmares, who tell you they see monsters in their rooms, who are anxious to be alone in the dark? Do you have doubts about the energies present in your home?

Do you have a shop or a boutique with a lot of people coming in and out? Are you having a hard time finding customers? Do your employees get sick often? The relations with your employees are not very good? The atmosphere in your workplace is heavy?

Here are some tips to purify the place and transmute the energies

Sage (which you can find in herbal shops) or white sage. You can burn it in an abalone shell.

Pontifical incense (to be burned on charcoal dedicated for this purpose).

Essential oils intended for diffusion.

Always intend to purify the place and transmute negative energies. Personally, I say that all negative energies return to Source so that it transmutes them into positive energy. It’s also me saying that if I don’t want these energies in my house anymore, I don’t want them to go to my neighbour’s home either.

If this is not enough, contact me.

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